After 14 years of full on work Mowat Research is winding down and focusing on a small number of projects. 

We are  writing a book about ageing which tries to capture some of the research, practice  and thinking that we have  engaged in over the years. This  will be ready for publication by BRF early in 2017.

We continue to support chaplaincy for older people, and are involved in a number of initiatives around this work including  anna chaplaincy and developing training modules for volunteers wishing to act as spiritual carers for older people.

With Aberdeen University and Faith in Older People (FIOP) we are promoting the Purple Bicycle Project which aims at supporting the spiritual lives of those with dementia and their carers, particulay in residential care. 

 We are actively pursuing our creative interests and using these to tell and hear good stories.  

 We wish for all  a fruitful and interesting ageing journey

If you want to contact Harriet Mowat please use harriet.mowat@gmail.com

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